Eastern Kings Development

The Subdivision and Development Control Bylaw should be read in conjunction with the Official Plan. If you wish to put up a structure or subdivide/consolidate any properties, this is the bylaw by which the Council will be governed.  Schedule A is the Land Use Zoning Map; Schedule B is Definitions; Schedule C is Minimum Lot Size Standards.

Note that regardless of Schedule C, the minimum lot size for a new subdivision in Eastern Kings is one acre (43,560 square feet); this is outlined in the Official Plan (page 15).

To put up any structure, use the Development Permit application; to subdivide/consolidate properties, use the Subdivision or Consolidation Application.  A Guide for both processes has also been developed (see below).

Applications & Guides | 2013 Control Bylaw

Official Plan

Subdivision and Development Control Bylaw

Schedule "A" Eastern Kings Land Use Zoning Map

Schedule "B" and "C" Subdivision Development Control Bylaw

Application for Development Permit

Guide Development Permit

Guide Subdivision Consultation

Application for Preliminary Subdivision or Consolidation Approval

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