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National Building Code Standards in Effect March 31, 2021

(From Province of Prince Edward Island website)

“National Building Code standards will be fully in effect on Prince Edward Island in April, improving the energy efficiency of Island homes while promoting quality construction.

The PEI Building Codes Act and Regulations that adopt the National Building Code were introduced in 2020 in order to keep new construction on the Island consistent with minimum standards across the country.

Implementation of the Act was staggered, applying to commercial, industrial and multi-unit buildings in 2020 and incorporating single-family or semi-detached homes and their accessory structures as of March 31, 2021.

“I encourage all builders and home buyers to learn about the requirement to construct to the requirements of the National Building Code and how it will protect Islander’s health, safety and investment. This step will put us in line with national standards and will reduce the environmental impact of building and operating a home in Prince Edward Island.”
 – Hon. Bloyce Thompson, Minister of Agriculture and Land

The codes and regulations were adopted following consultation with the public and the building industry.
Adopting the National Building code will improve energy efficiency, leading to lower operating and maintenance costs for owners. These standards will also help reduce things such as premature window replacement, the likelihood of mold and mildew, collapsing decks and other structural failures, and help mitigate effects of radon gas and carbon monoxide issues.”

For more details see Provincial website.

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