Emergency Management

Emergency Management

For personal emergency management, PEI Emergency Measures publishes a useful guide. To view, click here.

Under the Municipal Government Act, the Municipality is required to create an Emergency Management Plan. This is a collaborative exercise with many other organizations. To guide us through this process, PEI Emergency Measures has created a handbook. To view, click here.

A required step in creating an Emergency Management Plan is the creation of a bylaw; in addition, Council must appoint a Municipal Emergency Coordinator whose responsibilities are outlined in the Bylaw. Effective April 21, 2020, the Municipal Emergency Coordinator for Eastern Kings is Isobel Fitzpatrick. Isobel comes to us after a successful career in policing and with a strong skillset in terms of training; her significant work experience in the area of Emergency Management and her desire to contribute to her Community bode well for her success in this role.

Bylaw Downloadable File

Emergency Management Program Bylaw
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